International MPA - MA in Public Administration, Public Management and Policy Studies

Program description

Modern democracies face complex challenges, which have only intensified in the recent decade. Functioning in complex external and internal environments, governments and public organizations have to constantly adapt themselves to changing conditions and find innovative ways and tools to analyze reality and manage public affairs effectively and fairly.

In recent years, many political systems have experienced significant crises and challenges that have transformed modes of governance. There are indications that public dissatisfaction with and mistrust of government is rapidly increasing, especially during the deep economic crisis of recent years. Social and economic concerns have become more and more acute in modern democracies as growing economic inequality encourages political inequality and triggers political unrest. This process accelerates due to ineffective government and the deterioration of public trust in government.

Hence, policy makers face complex demands and challenges, which call for intense and fundamental training and professionalization of skillful cadre. The accumulated knowledge and experience in the field of public affairs indicate quite strongly that the quality of public management and the strong position of bureaucratic structures are essential tools of better governance. Other means are reliable political systems that work, an effective media and auditing system that serves as a watchdog, a rational and non-biased decision-making system that relies on participatory communities, and formal procedures in government that implement the highest standards of professionalism.

What you will study

The international MPA program provides a specialization in Public Administration, Public Management and Policy Studies, which will prepare students to direct policymaking and manage public organizations in a changing and uncertain environment where economic, social and political dynamics constantly influence the daily operation of governments.

The program establishes the theoretical foundations for policy analysis and for understanding the operative rationales of public organizations, but its focus is on professional tools to analyze and manage these areas. The program offers advanced tools for: decision making and policy design; analyzing political-economy dynamics both locally and globally; strategic management in complex and uncertain environment; analyzing international policies and challenges related to cyber security, immigration, climate change, financial relations and trade; developing leadership and innovation in public organizations; analyzing the tensions between values such as ethical behavior, procedural justice, accountability and responsibility, economic equality and efficiency. Many of these tools and areas interact with each other and hence the program emphasizes an integrative approach which allows students to choose appropriate means to handle situations from a rich and diverse tool box.

*The program offers a Non-Thesis Track, which lasts for three consecutive semesters over 12 months. In addition a Thesis Track is offered, which takes five semesters over 24 months.

*The program is conditional to the approval of the Graduate Studies Authority.


* Official transcript of BA degree and copy of undergraduate diploma

* GPA: 80

* TOEFL scores (if native language is not English or candidates have not previously studied at an institution of higher education where the language of instruction is English). A minimum of 570 (paper-based test), 230 (computer-based test), or 89 (internet based test)   

* 2 Recommendation Letters

* CV/Resume

* Statement of Purpose (up to 1,500 words)

* Interview

* Additional documents may be required.

Tuition and Fees:

For international students tuition and fees for the full academic year is $US 10,630*.

The fee breakdown appears below:

Tuition  $9,700

Service Fees (Security, Library, Health Insurance, etc.)   $990

TOTAL (in US Dollars)    $10,690

There is a non-refundable $100 application fee per academic year for the program.

Tuition for Israeli students is 200% tuition, approximately 28,000 NIS. For the exact amount please contact the tuition department.

* Final tuition for the next academic year is updated each August.


Core Courses:

Policy analysis

Public administration and management

Political economy in international perspective

Global Public Leaders:  Organizations, leadership and innovation

Research workshop

Elected Specialized Courses:

Take the right turn: Decision making and strategy in a global borderless world

It is all about the economy: Public economics and regulation in a globalized economy

The global change-makers: Public sector reforms

The statehood playground: Politics, society and law

Governing within ideologies: Globalization, inequality, labor market and welfare state

God is in the details: Management, finance and auditing

The new administrative world: Information systems, surveillance and cyber security in the new digital era

Integrative Education:

Practicum – Internship

Capstone Course – Challenges in Governance, Entrepreneurship, and Change


Prof. Shlomo Mizrahi, the head of our International Master's degree in Public Management and policy Studies, received his PhD from London School of Economics.

His research incorporates various methods and tries to cover a wide variety of sub-fields related to many disciplines such as public administration, public policy, political science, management, economics, sociology, industrial relations, and operational research.

During his scientific journey, he tried to pioneer new approaches based on the integration of various methods and fields. His academic thinking emphasizes that modern science should be based on the integration of fields and sub-fields, as well as the integration of research methods. Diversity and ability to expand the research to other sub-fields are a main characteristic of Prof. Mizrahi's scientific approach that he believes contributes to these scientific fields as well as to the university and the department where he conducts his research.

Prof. Mizrahi's research focuses on public policy, public sector and NPM, performance management, political economy, the welfare state, regulation and privatization, public choice and game theory, collective action and interest groups, institutional change, bargaining and conflict resolution. His work has been published in leading journals of public policy, public administration and political economy. A sample of these journal includes Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Public Administration Review, Administration and Society, Social Choice and Welfare, European Journal of Operational Research, Policy Sciences, Economics and Politics, Public Management Review.

for more information, please contact:

Mrs. Lena Friedman – Lakhman

Room: 4001
Tel: 04-8288243

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