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The faculty at the School of Political Science is composed of world-class lecturers. Students benefit from a rich learning experience that includes excursions, guest lectures, unique courses and close personal guidance. Additionally, our students attain key tools for the modern job market. All of this on a sprawling campus at the top of the Carmel Mountain with panoramic views and a thriving social environment!

doron navot and robi rivlinThe University of Haifa’s Political Science course is considered extremely prestigious and is renowned as one of the flagship social sciences programs in Israel. Our students benefit from a high quality education provided by dedicated researchers who operate at the cutting-edge of their fields. The faculty at the School of Political Science is comprised of world-class scholars who graduated from among the leading universities in Israel and abroad. Faculty research appear in acclaimed political science journals, receive research grants from prestigious foundations, and earn high esteem in Israel and around the world. Long recognized for our expertise in Middle-East political movements, international relations, political theory and public administration, the School of Political Science has in recent years added new strengths and dedicated centers for the study of national security, public policy and maritime strategy.


un modelOur students enjoy a rich learning experience. In addition to the diverse courses on offer, our classes participate in dedicated forums and meetings with members of the Israeli Knesset (parliament), media personalities, government officials and more. Regular departmental meetings host some of the world’s leading scholars, and student study tours engage with real-life dilemmas on site-visits inside Israel and abroad. Students are invited to participate in specialized activities such as the Model UN program, practical fellowships that place students in short-term positions in government agencies and NGOs, and student exchanges with leading universities around the world. The university operates a specialized "Shiluvim" program that offers specialized technological and programming skills, alongside applied workshops at some of Israel’s innovative and multi-disciplinary research centers.


knesset israelWe will provide you with the tools to succeed in the modern job market. From the very beginning of our undergraduate (B.A.) program, students acquire a deep practical and theoretical knowledge of political science, with concrete skills in research and analytic reasoning. This allows them to deeply understand and analyze the manner in which politics influences various national processes and movements. During their studies, students receive the opportunity to participate in active research projects, complete workshops on preparing CVs and succeeding in job interviews, and take part in employment orientation days with representatives from some of the largest national and multinational organizations in Israel. A degree in political science provides our students with the skills and opportunities to work in diverse fields and institutions, and to pursue graduate studies. The master's program (M.A.) places a strong emphasis on practical research and offers students the chance to pursue specialized research interests. This in turn enables students to develop strong connections with researchers and lecturers in these fields. Our graduates attain senior positions in a diverse range of fields, including management, communication, consulting and politics. Recent graduates have gone on to become members of the Knesset, diplomats, local politicians, officials in the defense and foreign affairs establishment, leading media figures, lecturers and researchers. Moreover, the degree provides a basis for integration with international organizations whose activities include analysis of state systems.

graduationAt the School of Political Science, personal attention is not just a slogan. Each of our students receives personal guidance and support from the school’s attentive staff throughout their studies. This focus on personal attention is a guiding principle for all our staff, who pride themselves on helping students with any question or problem that arises during the length of their time with us. The administration staff at the School of Political Science has been granted excellence awards for their outstanding support of the school’s students, and our education staff receives consistently high ranking each year in the quality of education surveys completed by the students.  



Panorama 18The landscape, the atmosphere, the location, the environment, the surrounding nature, and the people - make the University of Haifa the most beautiful university in Israel. The university even received a Certificate of Excellence on the TripAdvisor website as a recommended place to visit and study. The University of Haifa is a growing, dynamic and world-renowned institution in many fields of research, with international curricula that are taught in English, and which attract outstanding students from Israel and around the world. The composition of the student population and faculty is a unique point of pride. Large numbers of security services personnel study at the university, together with Arabs and Jews, Druze and Circassians, secular, religious and ultra-Orthodox students. The University of Haifa is Israel’s most pluralistic institution. It is an exemplar of outstanding academic research and teaching, conducted in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect. Through this approach, we are contributing to the future of the State of Israel.

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