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MA in International Relations:
- Diplomacy Studies
- Dual Degree in IR with Warsaw
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The program - Overview

The dynamics of the contemporary, complex, interconnected and highly-charged international environment present new challenges and opportunities for scholars, policy analysts and decision makers, both at the international level and in the context of the Middle East. This situation is especially relevant with regard to the Greater Middle East and the Mediterranean region, which are fraught with chronic tension, cleavages and conflict among (as well as inside) their national entities, and which face several acute social and economic crises.
Against this backdrop, the new MA Program in International Relations (Diplomacy Studies) is primarily intended to elucidate the role of diplomacy as a main vehicle and mechanism for systematically addressing the broad cluster of questions and issues that  impinge upon the entire region, and which cannot, therefore, be effectively dealt with  exclusively from a narrow unilateral or bilateral vantage point.  This focus on the role of collaborative diplomatic mechanisms is designed to provide the students with new insights, concepts and analytical tools and techniques for fully understanding the enhanced functions of diplomacy in this new setting. At the same time, it is intended to enable them to identify more effectively solutions to a broad-range of political, cultural and economic problems with which they are faced as officials and decision-makers.
The core of the Program will be the simulated analysis of concrete diplomacy-oriented decision-games and action-games. In the course of these simulations, the students will experiment with a wide-range of diplomatic and strategic concepts, techniques and scenarios in a controlled and structured effort to emulate real time crisis-situations, with emphasis on the mechanisms and tools for mitigating and defusing them. We hope that the lessons drawn from this experience in simulation will sensitize the students to the usefulness of various diplomatic tools and techniques as means for promoting international stability and collaboration.
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