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MA in International Relations:
- Diplomacy Studies
- Dual Degree in IR with Warsaw
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What are diplomacy studies?

Diplomacy Studies is an interdisciplinary academic field that draws on international relations, psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, communications, history, law, philosophy, and education. It seeks to (1) provide students with new insights, concepts and analytical tools for fully understanding the enhanced functions of diplomacy; (2) enable them to identity more effective solutions to a broad range of political, cultural and economic problems with which they are faced as officials and decision makers; and to (3) elucidate the role of diplomacy as a main vehicle and mechanism for systematically addressing the broad cluster of questions and issues that impinge on the entire region.

What does one do with a degree in diplomacy studies?
A master's degree in diplomacy studies is designed to prepare students for a wide range of career options. Graduates may become researchers, educators, negotiators, mediators, government officials and employees in organizations that focus on human rights, conflict resolution, environmental protection, international law, and human and economic development. For more information about careers in diplomacy, see Careers in Diplomacy

How long is the program?
This is a one-year (12 month) graduate program taught over three semesters (fall, spring and summer).

When does the program start? When does it end?
The program start and end dates vary each year according to the Jewish calendar. The academic year begins between mid-October and early November and ends in September. The 2013-2014 program will begin on October 13, 2013.

Can Israeli and International students apply to this program?
Yes, this program is open to all students, especially international students looking to experience Israel in an academic setting and Israelis looking for an international learning environment.

Is it mandatory to study language as part of the program?
No, but the International School offers courses during the fall, spring and summer semesters in both Hebrew and Arabic language. We highly recommend to all students to study one or both of the official languages spoken in Israel.

Is there an English-language requirement?
Yes, all candidates, who are not native speakers of English or have not previously studied at an institution of higher education where the language of instruction is English, must submit official TOEFL scores or equivalent as part of the application. The minimum TOEFL score required for admission is: 570 on the paper-based test, 230 on the computer-based test or 89 on the internet-based test.

Do I need to submit all my application materials together?
No, you are able to submit your application materials as soon as they are ready.Applications are processed on a rolling admissions basis; we review and accept applications as the complete application file is received.We will open a file for you and once we receive all of your materials, we will send the complete application to the review committee.

My undergraduate degree is in a discipline outside of the political sciences. Can I still apply?
Yes, but you may be required to take prerequisite courses. If you are fluent in Hebrew, you may take the prerequisite courses at the University of Haifa in the summer semester before beginning the master's program.If not, you may take them at any institution of higher education in your home country.

I am in my last year of my undergraduate studies and expect to graduate in the spring. Can I still apply?
Yes, but your acceptance will be conditional upon completing your undergraduate studies before beginning the program with the minimum required GPA.For graduates of Israeli institutions only,final grades for completed undergraduate courses may be received until the end of the fall semester.

My undergraduate GPA is below 3.0 or 80%. Can I still apply?
You may submit a request for special consideration by the admissions committee. In the request letter, explain why you believe that your application merits consideration despite not meeting the minimum requirements. Note that wanting very much to study in the program is not a good enough reason for special consideration. However, relevant professional experience or special circumstances during undergraduate studies may be grounds for consideration. The request must be submitted in writing and approved by the committeebeforea full application is submitted.

I am an Israeli citizen, but have lived abroad for many years. Do I apply as an Israeli or as an international student?
You may use either application procedure. Contact the program to determine whether you will be required to pay the Israeli or the international tuition.

I intend to make Aliyah when starting the program. Do I apply as an Israeli or as an international student?
Use the application procedure for international candidates. Once you become an Israeli citizen, you will be eligible for reduced tuition.


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