Terms of admission and course of Studies - PhD Academic Program

Terms of admission to stage A
A student with an M.A. degree in political science from a recognized university in Israel or overseas who received a grade of at least 80 in the M.A. and a final grade of 90 in a final research project may apply for studies in the PhD program.

The application for admission will be submitted in writing to the chairman of the PhD committee in addition to the following documents:

1. CV (in Hebrew and English).
2. Certificate of entitlement for first and second degree including grade sheets.
3. Two recommendations from professors attesting to the research skills of the candidate (one from the thesis
4. Letter of intent in Hebrew and English in no more than two pages (signed by the supervisor), including:
     a. Subject of the work.
     b. Brief description of the relevant field of study.
     c. Main research question.
     d. Description of the relevant and theoretical tools and approaches used in the research and specific
         research hypotheses.
     e. 2-3 bibliographical items relevant to the research subject.
     f. Presentation of research methods used in order to prove research hypotheses.
     g. Explanation of the potential and predicted conceptual and empirical contribution of the research.

The committee will receive the file of the candidate and may request additional materials (including a meeting with the candidate) and will make a decision about admission or rejection. The candidate cannot be admitted to 'Stage A' in PhD studies without the advance approval of the committee.

Transition to research stage 'B'
1. In order to pass from research stage 'A' to research stage 'B' the student will submit a research proposal
   approved by the supervisor to the PhD committee. The proposal will be based upon all the parameters included
   in the letter of intent yet will expand and elaborate on each. The proposal will not exceed 25 pages (including
   bibliography, submitted as an appendix to the proposal), and it will be submitted no later than one year after the
   admission of the student to stage 'A'. the PhD committee will sent the research proposal to an external
   academic judge.
2. After the judge delivers the research proposal, the committee will reserve the right, if there is a potential to
    improve the proposal, to call the student to review the comments made by the external judge and hear the
    student's plans to correct the proposal.
3. After the proposal is approved by the PhD committee the candidate will pass to academic stage 'B'.
4. The period for completion of academic duties and writing the research work is three years from the date the
    proposal is approved.

Term of studies
Term of studies for a PhD is four years. The first year concentrates on writing the research proposal (Stage 'A'). The second, third and fourth years are intended to write the doctoral dissertation (Stage 'B'). For the purpose of receiving an extension beyond this period, a recommendation from the supervisor and the chairman of the PhD committee in the School is required, as well as the approval of the Graduate Studies Authority.

PhD studies
The PhD supervisor will outline the scope and content of the study program. The PhD committee in the School will approve the content and scope of the program. The committee may impose obligatory tests on the student (oral or in writing) in courses the student is required to attend. The study program will not exceed 16 weekly semestrial hours, four courses at most. Additional academic requirements (such as foreign language) will comply with the regulations of the Graduate Studies Authority.

Dates of admission
A student may be admitted to the PhD program twice a year: from January 15 to February 15 and from September 15 until October 15.





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