School of Political Sciences

About the School

he School of Political Science is among the foremost centers for the study of political science in Israel, and excels in politics and government, political theory, international relations, public administration, public policy, comparative politics and local government studies. Each year over one thousand students pursue BA and MA degrees, and our Ph.D. program is one of the largest and most successful in the country. At Haifa University, students engage senior faculty who specialize in politics and government, international relations and public policy and administration, and who earned their degrees from the world’s leading universities.

members publish extensively in international scientific journals and enjoy financial support from a wide range of Israeli and international research foundations. The School includes several dedicated research centers: The National Security Studies Center, Haifa Research Center for Maritime Strategy, and The Center for Public Management and Policy. Graduates of the School of Political Science go on to fill key positions in the public and private sector: administration, policy making, journalism and consulting. Among the School’s graduates are senior academicians, ranking military officers, members of Knesset, government officials and world renowned journalists and diplomats.

Prof. Daphna Canetti, Head of School

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